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PV:: Lannette the Spewpa by Pochimon PV:: Lannette the Spewpa by Pochimon



:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Name:: Lannette Withart.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Nickname(s):: Shorty, etc.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Gender:: Female.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Birthday:: December 1st.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Height:: Short FUN SIZED.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Weight:: Thin.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Job:: Boss at the Library. 
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Theme Song::… Extraordinary by Mandy Moore

Spewpa. #665. The Scatterdust Pokemon. Bug type.
It lives hidden within thicket shadows. When predators attack, it quickly bristles the fur covering its body in an effort to threaten them.
Spewpa - XY Icon by TheJiggyMonster

Friend Guard ~ When Lannette's allies are near, she is able to reduce the damage they receive from attacks with this ability.

:iconbugtypeplz: Bug Bite ~ Lannette bites her opponent. 
:iconbugtypeplz: String Shot ~ Lannette creates silk strings and bounds her target in them.
:icongrasstypeplz: Stun Spore ~ Lannette creates a powder that paralyzes her target.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Protect ~ Lannette evades all attacks by protecting herself.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Likes::books, reading, the library, cozy places, flowers, vegetables, talking smarts and different books
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Disikes:: intimidating people, her past, girly things, spicy food, ruined books


Shy and bashful
Due to the fact that she never had many friends growing up, Lannette can be pretty timid around others. So much, in fact, that she will run and hide if she's too nervous to speak with someone. Once someone breaks through her shy exterior, though, she is very bright and sociable.

Upbeat and polite
There isn't a mean or rude bone in this little worm's body and you can expect her to be gentle and obliging to almost anyone who doesn't strike her as intimidating. When a person is in need, she will stop at nothing to try and give them any assistance she can offer. Lannette is also cheery and benevolent, always trying to see the brighter side of things, even if she's afraid herself.

Book nerd extraordinaire
Lannette's a bookworm, so she's pretty smart and passionate about books. When she's not at her library, she's at home curled up in her bed, reading a books on quantum physics and murder mysteries.

Hopeless romantic
Like many girls, Lannette dreams of the day when her Prince Charming will come to her, riding on a white stallion and whisk her away into the sunset. For this reason, she gets extra nervous around men who remind her of the swashbuckling heroes in the many romance novels she snuggles up with at night.

Lannette, unfortunately, isn't very elegant or graceful. If there's a slippery floor or something within tripping range, you can guarantee she will have a nice meet and greet with the ground.

Soft and mushy
Lannette is a big softy and reacts easily to anything that can sway her feelings; sad movies, getting bullied, etc. This often results with her in tears and hiding in a place where no one can find her.

Spineless and lacks self-confidence
The next time you go to see a scary movie, you probably won't see Lannette there. She is absolutely frightened by terrifying things. If she finds someone intimidating, Lannette will do her best to try and avoid them. If she feels terrified, she may spray a person with her String Shot or blow a Stun Spore in their face before running away. Lannette also doesn't have much self-confidence in herself; half the reason why she's such a coward.

Lannette was born into a small family, the only members being her father, mother and older sister Eloise. For awhile, things were going well for the little Spewpa, but then... she started to grow up and become ignored. Her parents came to adore Eloise more than they did their younger daughter, and Lannette felt overshadowed. While Eloise was beautiful, outgoing and popular, Lannette was always average-looking by her standards, shy and unwelcomed in about every circle of friends. Books were her only friends. While in school, she tried to quietly immerse herself in her many books, but would always get her book, and glasses taken away while students chanted the name "Shorty." She never told anyone about being bullied, and dealt with it until the day she graduated high school. On the day of her graduation, her parents, sister, nor any her family showed up. Instead, they had gone out to celebrate Eloise becoming a model. On that same night, Lannette left home with only a backpack full of books. She found a few odd jobs here and there while living by herself. Then, after awhile, she came across the village and decided to call it home.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblack:Extra Stuff to know...
* Is super smart and knows some other languages. (French, Spanish, and working on learning Chinese)
* Can't stand books about vampires.... they scare her Fuck you Edward Cullen
* Sister is a super model.
* Talks smart when she's nervous.
* Made the scarf she wears.
* Wraps or buries her face in her scarf when she's nervous.
* Has a pet Caterpie named Shakespeare. AND YES. HE IS GREAT AT POETRY.

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